Changes to Marketplace Access Pricing

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about recent pricing changes on Slated.

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Q: What is a Marketplace Access subscription?

A: A Marketplace Access subscription is a paid subscription now required for projects to be visible on the Slated platform for matching with cast, crew, distributors, and investors. It replaces the "packaging fees" that Slated would have previously charged in the form of cast/crew marketplace fees under the old Marketplace Fees Agreement.

Q: What does a Marketplace Access subscription cost?

A: The cost for a Marketplace Access subscription is $29.99/month or $233.92/year for annual subscriptions (a 35% discount!)

Q: How do I activate a subscription for my project?

A: Just click the [ ACTIVATE ] button on your project page to start the process. You'll be prompted to sign the Marketplace Fees Agreement (if you haven't already), and then it's a simple checkout process using a credit card. If you have a discount code, don't forget to enter it!

Q: Is there a new Marketplace Fees Agreement?

A: Yes. The new Marketplace Fees agreement can be found here:

Q: How does this differ from the previous Marketplace Fees Agreement?

A: In short, it makes it much simpler:

  • We've eliminated marketplace fees for cast or crew attachments. Projects will no longer pay Slated 1% of budget plus 1% of net for each cast and crew attachment.

  • Marketplace fees (3% of budget + 3% of net) still applies to financing attachments.

  • We've clarified that Slated's marketplace fee will never exceed the value of the financing for investor attachments.

  • Sales and distribution attachments have been restructured as 5% of gross sales, which is more in line with our EP Service fees for these attachments.

For any questions about what fees your project may owe in various scenarios, please reach out to our customer service team or email

Q: What if I signed an earlier version of the Marketplace Fees Agreement? Am I beholden to those terms?

A: If you activate your project under the new Marketplace Fees Agreement, then only the new terms apply - even as it relates to previous introductions. So, if you found a director via Slated last week and activate this week...Congratulations, you won't owe Slated anything additional for that director attachment.

However, if you do not activate your project under the new Marketplace Fees Agreement, then your project is still obligated under the terms of the prior agreement. In that scenario, any corresponding packaging fees would still apply.

Q: Are any other features restricted with this change?

A: No. Membership is still free. Member messaging is still free. All members can still message as many projects as the scoring system and profile preferences allow for free. You can even list your film in hidden mode, and invite team members to your page for free.

Q: Will I still be able to buy Script and Financial Analysis without activating my project listing?

A: Yes! There are no restrictions on Script & Financial Analysis Purchases.

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