How do I get introduced to investors on Slated?
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Slated is designed to protect investors first; the reasons for this are simple. By protecting all investors, we free up our accredited investor base to invest in projects with less worry.

We have built tools to help match you automatically with investors as well as let investors find you on their own. If they like your project, the system is designed to encourage them to reach out to you themselves.

To be automatically matched, be sure to create a Financing Opportunity on the Opportunity tab of your project profile. Add as much detail as you can to both the Opportunity and your project profile to increase your chances of being automatically matched to appropriate investors. If you don't get a lot of matches, try loosening the requirements within the Opportunity.

If an investor is automatically matched with your project or tracks you or your project, you can email them directly. If they respond, your conversation can continue.

Please remember that aggressive tracking and soliciting Slated investors via their other social networks are against our community guidelines. 

For more information, please read our Community Guidelines.

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