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Community Standards & Code of Conduct
Community Standards & Code of Conduct
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We are happy to offer Slated membership for free to everyone, requiring only that all members treat other members and Slated staff with respect at all times. Speaking disparagingly to other Slated members, Slated staff, or about Slated will result in the suspension of membership. Such conduct may include rude, inappropriate, violent, or abusive statements, content, or behavior on the platform or in any communications with Slated members or staff. Members who have had their membership revoked are not entitled to refunds of any analysis purchases nor any fees that may be due to Slated for services provided. Every Slated member binds her/himself to abide by these community guidelines at all times in their interactions with Slated members and staff. Slated reserves the right to determine any violation of these guidelines and revoke membership at its sole discretion.

For more information, review Slated's Code of Conduct.

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