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How to introduce yourself to a project
How to introduce yourself to a project

How to send interest to a project that has been matched with you

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When the interests you've set for yourself match with a project's needs, Slated alerts both you and the project admins of this match. Now what?

In the example above, your interest settings indicate that you're looking for projects seeking a producer, and this project has indicated its looking for a producer with your level of experience.

If your matches don't look interesting, you can click the gray "Edit Interests" button above your matches to change your interests or set higher Script Score thresholds, so you're only getting the cream of the crop.

If one of the matches does look interesting to you, and you'd like to learn more, use the "Send Interest" button on your Matches For You page (or the "Message Filmmakers" button at the top of their project page) to start a conversation and see if the project admins are interested in you too.

In your message, let the admins know why you think you could be a good match for this role. Feel free to share any experience you have, and/or any connection you have with the subject matter.

If you're reaching out about a talent or crew position, you may want to include links to your past work or reel. If you're a producer, sales company, or distributor, link them to your company website and/or IMDb page.

Close by inviting them to submit the material for your review.

And don't forget: keep it short and sweet! Messages under 5-6 sentences usually get the highest response rate.

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