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How to improve your Financial Score using simulations
How to improve your Financial Score using simulations
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Slated's financial simulator can be a useful tool to help guide your project during development, packaging, and beyond. A financial score of 60 suggests that the film is likely to recoup its full budget after deducting theatrical, distributor, and marketing expenses. The higher the score over 60, the higher the recoupment.

If projections are a little low, it may be worthwhile to reexamine some of the assumptions that were used in the initial analysis and run a simulation.

The simulator works a little differently than the charts displayed in the standard financial analysis, which show how projections change based on editing one variable at a time. Simulations, on the other hand, can factor in multiple changes at once and more accurately reflect the involvement of specific cast and crew, budgets, and soft money or tax credits. This aims to provide a more dynamic way to interact with projections and find the best-performing version of the project.

As a first step, it may be worthwhile to run a new simulation adding in unverified cast, crew, and/or distribution which score a little higher than the current placeholders.

This can provide a sense of the kind of talent that would be needed to support the project given its current composition.

Additionally, experiment with raising or lowering the production budget and the amount of soft money raised. The production budget analysis chart in the initial analysis can be a helpful reference to get closer to that ideal level; however, it's important to note that the optimal budget for one team may not be the optimal one for another. As a result, you might want to test various budget levels in conjunction with adding hypothetical team members.

Lastly, it's important to note that simulations all have a low, base, and high set of projections, which you can find in revenue projections.

Even if adding a high-scoring team member doesn't increase the financial score, chances are that they may increase the likelihood of high breakouts or reduce the risk of underperformances. All of this information can still be very helpful to attract financiers and show why taking a risk on this project might be worth it.

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