Slated was designed to help finance and make feature films. We are in the process of developing a scoring system that also applies to episodic projects but are still adding the final touches. In the meantime, series projects are not eligible for our Script or Financial Analysis or scores, which means they aren't eligible for listing in Slated's marketplace.

We plan to add series and documentary analysis services in 2020 and will let you know when it happens!

In the meantime, if you're just looking for coverage on your series scripts, our sister company Spec Scout offers a comprehensive analysis service for TV pilots. While the analysis itself cannot be translated or transferred over to Slated for a score yet, the coverage they provide is superb.

Spec Scout offers the same 3 reader, 8+ page, 10 criteria score analysis that Slated offers to features.

To see an overview of Spec Scout's television analysis, just visit Please also note that -- as mini-series are normally sold on a pitch and not a script -- Spec Scout only reviews the four main formats of television pilot: half hour single-camera; half-hour multi-camera; hourlong serialized; and hourlong episodic/procedural.

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