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How do I add cast, crew, and affiliated companies to my project profile?
How do I add cast, crew, and affiliated companies to my project profile?
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Slated requires that all attachments are verified independently to ensure a high level of integrity and help build trust in the community.

To add cast, crew, affiliated companies, and investors to your project, go to your project profile page Team tab and click the Add Cast, Add Crew, Add Companies, or Add Investors buttons. Then use the forms provided to add people and companies to your page.

Attaching talent is not used for people or companies who you would like to be involved with your project, but for people and companies who are actually involved with your project. It is expected that any attachment you add has already confirmed their involvement with your project.

We designed the system to send an automated email to the addresses of the cast and crew being attached. We'd like to assure you that we never contact the attachments you add (cast, crew, or financiers) other than to confirm their involvement in your project. This is done through a simple automated email that is written and sent from us.

For cast you have the options to confirm the actor's involvement with them, their representative, or with us by uploading the actor's Letter of Intent.

Using the "Verify Later" button allows you to postpone the verification process. If you have had your project's financials analyzed you can use the "Verify Later" tool to see how different team combinations affect your financials. Only team members and companies that have been verified will show up when other people view your project page. 

If an attachment has lost their verification email and you need to send it again, click the "RESEND VERIFICATION" link next to the cast or crew member's name.

And if you haven't done so yet, be sure to check out our Top 10 Tips for Filmmakers.

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