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What are Project, Team, Script, Screening, and Financial Scores?
What are Project, Team, Script, Screening, and Financial Scores?
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Slated Analytics’ Project Score (formerly "Package Score") is an estimate of the overall commercial and critical viability of a project that may help investors evaluate a potential investment. The score is out of 100 and based on the following three components:

  • Team Score - is based on the individual scores of each key person attached to your project and is a representation of the team's overall work experience based on a blend of box office revenue, profitability, and critical acclaim. Key attachments include Lead Actors, Producers, Directors, Writers, and Sales/Distribution.

  • Script or Screening Score - incorporates each of the 10 ratings our reviewers have given your screenplay and is a measure of how good your script is.

  • Financial Score - is calculated based on your project’s costs and revenue projections and indicates your project’s financial prospects.

Learn more about the Analysis Services that generate the Team, Script, Screening, and Financial Scores.

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