Why use Script Analysis?

Explains the benefits of our three-reader methodology, and how Script Scores can be used to get attention for your film.

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Show Your Project's True Value

Slated Analytics' Script Analysis service has been calibrated through the process of analyzing hundreds of produced feature-length screenplays. In a study, Slated found the likelihoods of a movie being Certified Fresh, profitable and Oscar worthy, is knowable at the point of development. Simply put, every 5 point increment over 75 in your Slated Script Score significantly boosts your likelihood of critical acclaim and strong financial returns. 

To find out the likelihood of your movie being Certified Fresh be sure to activate Slated’s Financial Analysis service, which includes a Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh estimator which leverages your Script Score, Team Score, and other key data points to generate an estimate for your project

A Trusted Methodology

Slated Analytics’ evaluation team is comprised of seasoned readers who have evaluated thousands of produced and unproduced scripts at agencies, management companies, development departments, and other professional content companies and creative environments. Each reader is well versed in recent market material and goes through a thorough training process prior to being approved to review Slated members’ material. The readers are comprised of both men and women from varied backgrounds and age groups. Readers are assigned on a double-blind randomized basis -- they don't know who the submitters of the projects are, and the submitters don't know who the readers are, in order to avoid any selection bias. Each script is quantified and qualified across 10 different criteria, and averaged across three readers’ independent evaluations. You and your team can feel confident your project has been professionally and objectively vetted before going into production.

Clear Roadmap to Polish Your Draft

Don’t wait until it’s too late to present the best possible version of your project -- armed with Slated Analytics’ Script Analysis, you’ll be able to make improvements when it still matters. And when 2 or 3 readers independently cite the same issues with your material, you’ll know exactly what to work on.

We encourage you to submit drafts of your screenplay during development to help attract the best talent, producers, and investors. You can also submit a filmed cut of your project during post-production to help fine tune before picture-lock, and to attract the best sales companies and distributors.


Your coverage is 100% confidential unless you choose to make it visible. When you’re ready to share it, you can select which investors and other industry professionals have permission to see it.

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