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Networking on Slated
How do I network on Slated?
How do I network on Slated?
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Two key ways to network on Slated are Opportunity/Interest Matching and Tracking.

Opportunity/Interest Matching

Every member should set their own Interests (i.e. what they are looking for), on the Interests tab of their member profile. Every project admin should set the Opportunities (i.e. open positions) for the project, on the Opportunities tab of the project profile. When Interests and Opportunities align, an automatic match is made and each party is alerted. From there, you can use the send interest button to reach out and start a conversation.


Tracking allows you to see the activity of people and projects you are interested in. Unlike “friending” someone (on Facebook, for example), tracking on Slated isn't mutual. Someone who finds you or your project interesting can track you, but you don't have to track them back. If you do decide to track someone who is tracking you, then the connection is mutual and you will then be able to freely message each other through Slated.

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