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All members: How interests work
All members: How interests work
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Want to work with some of the best in the business? Slated’s advanced search and marketplace matching tools allow you to look for, or be discovered by, the exact people or projects that match your interests.

Here's how it works:

Filmmakers set opportunities for their projects. Opportunities could be cast or crew that they are looking for, a service they need, or investment they are seeking.

Individual members set their own interests. Interests describe what is it you are looking for. e.g. Are you looking to join the cast or crew, or to invest?

When a project's opportunity aligns with a member's interest, a match is made. Mutual matches automatically open up the ability for you to message each other.

How to set your interests 

When you join Slated, we automatically create interests for you based on your profession(s). You can then refine the details of those interests and turn them on/off as you desire. You can also click the Edit Professions button on your Interests tab to add a new profession/interest.

On your member profile page Interests tab, click an edit pencil to open the interest details and make adjustments.

The number of matches will update in real time as you make adjustments. You can then click the number of matches link directly below the edit pencil you just used or use the navigation at the top of the site to visit the “Matches for you” page anytime.

From the list of matches, select the “Send Interest” button for any of your matches to message them privately.

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