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Top 3 reasons to apply for Investor status
Top 3 reasons to apply for Investor status
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Whether you finance projects regularly or just here and there, having Investor status has a number of distinct benefits:

Access to alerts & confidential deal terms. Each project raising financing itemizes its confidential deal terms, visible only to Slated’s Investor members. Plus, every time a project on Slated reaches a Project Score of 70 or higher, Slated Advisors will send an alert to all matching Investors. If you don’t want to miss out you’ll need to qualify as an accredited investor.

An innovative scoring system. Stop analyzing hundreds of projects to find one good one --Slated does the work for you by highlighting the best projects in the marketplace. Investors can see at a glance the three main things that reflect the project’s true value: The strength of the Team, the quality of the Script, and the potential for Financial returns. Take a look at 100 sample reports.

Privacy protection. As an investor, you may be looking to invest in a project but are leery of getting thousands of pitches from filmmakers. So we’ve designed Slated as a marketplace that protects investors from getting unsolicited communications. We give you fine-grained privacy controls, so filmmakers can’t message you unless they know you, you have expressed an interest in their project, or the Interests you've set automatically match with their Opportunity. Slated also polices the site for unscrupulous behavior.

Apply for Investor status today. We’re here to help if you have any questions.

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