Filmmakers: How Marketplace Matching works
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Accelerate the process of packaging your project with talent, financing, and distribution by rapidly and precisely matching your project’s needs to thousands of the highest scoring professionals across the industry.

Here's how it works:

Filmmakers set opportunities for their projects. Opportunities can be cast or crew that you are looking for, a service you need, or investment you are seeking.

Individual members set their own interests, such as if they are looking to join a cast or crew, or to invest.

When a project's opportunity aligns with a member's interest, a match is made. Mutual matches automatically open up the ability for you to message each other.

How to set your project opportunities

Begin by listing opportunities on your project profile for each key role you’re looking to fill. You can add as many cast, crew, financing, sales, and distribution opportunities as you want, and be as specific on qualifications as you need to be.

Clicking the "Create Opportunity" or "Edit Opportunity" button will open a form with detail options:

As you adjust the details of the opportunity, you'll see the number of matches update in real time.

Once you list an opportunity you can immediately see a list of all matching members and make contact; likewise, any matching member can also contact you. You also have the option to receive a regular summary of matches by email. All interactions are completely confidential to the parties involved and neither party will ever be told of declined interests.

In addition to linking to your project's opportunity matches from the Opportunities tab or summary email, you can also navigate to the list from the top navigation of the site.

From the list of matches, select the “Send Interest” button for any of your matches to message them privately.

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