Only projects that have paid for either Script or Script & Financial Analysis are visible in Slated's marketplace and can activate Opportunity Matchmaking.

If a project has neither Script nor Financial Analysis, it's hidden to all Slated Members and does not have access to Opportunity Matchmaking.

You can view your project's visibility in the Settings of your film profile:

To make visible and activate Slated's Opportunity Matching to cast and crew, Script Analysis must be purchased for $395-$495.

To make visible and activate Opportunity Matching to cast, crew, investors, sales agents, and distributors, Script & Financial Analysis must be purchased for $995.

In addition, in order to make your project visible, you will need to agree to our Marketplace Success Fees

If your project earns a 70+ Script Score (75+ is ideal), your project qualifies for a meeting with our Executive Producers Team, who partner with filmmakers and help seek production partners, secure packageable talent, and allow access our community of film financiers, sales agents and distributors. Qualification depends on your project's Script and Financial Scores which costs about $1,000, so if you think it'd score well, we recommend submitting.

You can see the pricing breakdown below and read more here.

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