Slated Analytics’ Package Score is based on the three main things investors want to know about every project:

  • Team Strength - the Team Score is a measure of how reliable your project’s team when it comes to executing on the creative vision and finance plan;
  • Script Strength - the Script Score is a measure of your script’s creative value;
  • Financial Strength - your Financial Score indicates your project’s financial prospects in the prevailing marketplace.

Slated Analytics’ Team Score, Script Score and Financial Score are all on a 100 point scale:

  • Team Score is based on the individual scores of the people each person attached to your project, as well as your distributor or film sales agent (as applicable).
  • Script Score incorporates each of the 11 ratings the readers have given your screenplay.
  • Financial Score is a quotient that is calculated around your project’s costs and global revenue projections.

By contrast, the 11 individual scores on your Script Analysis use two scales:

  • The Overall Rating uses the traditional Pass / Consider / Recommend spectrum, with the addition of Strong Pass and Strong Recommend for exceptionally weak or strong scripts, respectively.
  • The 10 individual ratings (Dialogue, Structure, Character, etc.) are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being highest.
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