Occasionally the data imported about your film credits may be inaccurate, such as an incorrect release date or budget.

If you are the producer of the film in question, you can correct the information yourself by “claiming” the film page - this will make you the admin for the page so that you can edit any of the information it contains. To do this, click on the link for the film to go to the film’s profile page. You should see a message at the top that says “Is this your project?” Answer “yes” to claim the film page so that you can start editing it. We may follow up with you to ask for proof that you are the rights holder for the film. (Anyone who claims a page that they are not the rights holder for is in violation of our Community Guidelines and may be banned from the site.)

If you are NOT the producer or rights holder of the film in question, you can send us the information that needs correcting by emailing team@slated.com and we will ask Baseline to update it. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the new information to be reflected on the site.

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