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Executive Producer Services Now Available For All Projects
Executive Producer Services Now Available For All Projects

Get Executive Producer Support For Your Film At Any Stage

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Since we started Executive Producer Services, Slated's EP Team has helped package, finance and sell over fifty movies.

Traditionally, we've considered films with Script and Financial Scores over 75, along with other criteria.

However, we've recently opened up EP Services to all films on a consulting basis.

Projects with 75+ Script Scores will still be eligible for VIP consideration. Details below.

We've worked on films of all genres, at all stages. We've guided filmmakers through development, packaging, financing, and distribution. We like this part of the job.

Having an experienced EP guide your strategy in early stages, like development and packaging, can give your film a better chance of being successful in subsequent stages, like financing and distribution.

Our EP Consulting Service offers hands-on support for films at any stage. We'll join your team as EPs and get your film on the right track.

For $595 per month, we offer two, hour-long Zoom consultations per month to help you strategize and make progress on your film. This may include advice on casting, packaging, financing and sales. It may also include introductions to producers, casting directors, line producers, and sales agents.

If you need a budget and pitch deck our Development Package also includes these important materials for an additional one-time fee of $3,750. We'll make sure that, whatever stage you're at, we're lending valuable advice and moving your project forward.

There is no Script Score requirement to be considered for Slated's EP Consulting.

However, if you have a 75+ Script Score, you may be eligible for EP Services VIP. In our VIP program, projects may not be charged a monthly fee. Instead, Slated's EP fee is paid from the budget when the film is made.

Check out our EP Services page to learn more about pricing and apply for consideration.

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