How to write a strong filmmaker statement

How to describe your Financial Opportunity

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When you create a Financing Opportunity, be sure to include a filmmaker statement. This statement will appear on site, and in emails sent to potential investors.

We've found these statements to be most successful when they follow a simple formula as outlined below. It may be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • Introduce yourself and summarize what the project is.
    Start with a compelling 1-2 sentence logline and mention the genre.

  • Highlight the strongest components of your team.
    Do you have well known leads attached?
    Has your director won a notable award or have impressive feature credits?

  • Breakdown the financials when applicable. Specify what elements are committed and why the opportunity is appealing.
    What is the gross budget?
    Do you have any financing committed?
    Are you working with a sales company?
    Will you be filming in a location where there are tax incentives available?

  • Be clear about what you are seeking.
    No matter what stage your project is in, be explicit in what you need.
    Do you have a clean spec in need of an experienced producer or director?
    Do you have a packaged project in need of financing or sales?
    Do you have a finished project for which you are seeking sales and distribution?

Here are two examples:

[MOVIE TITLE] is in development, and I'm in the early stages of putting a team together -- mainly in search of a [lead producer] who can help [package it further].

โ€‹It's a [genre] about [logline]... and should be able to be made for around [$1M]. It also earned a strong [78] Script Score.

I've written and sold a few scripts (you can watch my last film [FILM CREDIT] on [Amazon]), and am open to notes and collaboration.

Let me know if you want to check out the script.

I look forward to discussing with you,



[MOVIE TITLE] is a [genre] about [logline]...

[Name] is directing - you might know [her] from [notable FILM CREDITS] which premiered at [notable festival]. The script was written by [Name] who also wrote [notable FILM CREDIT].

The gross budget for [MOVIE TITLE] is [$2.1M] USD, and we're shooting in [location] where there is a considerable tax incentive. We have [$1.5M] committed, so our remaining gap is [$600K].

[Reputable Sales Company] is handling worldwide sales.

โ€‹Let me know if you'd like to review the script and/or financials.


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