Why is investor verification required?
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Like your cast and crew, we also need to confirm that your investors are actually involved in your project, and that you have actually raised the funds that you claim to have raised.

When you add an investor, we will send them an automated email asking them to confirm their investment in your project. This is the only email they will receive from Slated, unless they decide to sign up and create their own Slated account. They do not need to sign up in order to confirm their involvement in your project.

Although we ask for the amount of money that each investor has contributed, we don’t disclose this amount to anyone. The only thing we show is the total amount of money that you’ve raised for your project, once your investors have confirmed their involvement.

Please note: Slated does frequent spot checks to verify the legitimacy of all attached investors. Attempting to add fake investors, or financing amounts that are not legitimate is strictly prohibited and will result with your project being unapproved and your membership being revoked.

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