If you’ve already listed your film and you need to hide it, you can do so by going to your film profile and clicking on the “SETTINGS” link at the top of the page.

Then select the “Hidden” option in the visibility section. This means that only you and your other film admins can see your film page.

Once a film page is hidden, it can no longer be seen by anyone other than the Admins, and it does not appear in Search.

There is no "Delete" function in the Admin Center; film pages are a part of members' histories. Hiding a film serves the same purpose, the film disappears from the view of other members.

Slated is designed to work for film projects in all stages of development. If you find that you’re not currently using Slated, you can still come back to it later, for example, when you’re ready to start meeting people or raising financing for the next stage of your film.

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