To add a trailer, click on the blue "edit" button under "Summary" on your film page, then copy and paste the link to your video from You Tube, Vimeo or wherever it can be seen on the web into the field labeled "Trailer/pitch Video".

If your video is password protected, you'll need to type the password to view the video in the field labeled "Trailer/pitch video password." Your video should also have sharing enabled on the site on which it's hosted.

UPDATE: While the Video Password field is working, we have noticed that Vimeo-hosted trailers and pitch videos have not been functioning when password protection is enabled - this is due to a change in the Vimeo API.

When your trailer is successfully uploaded, you will see a thumbnail appear below your film page's main image. The video will initially be muted. That way the end user has a chance to set the volume level. ‚Äč

The trailer will pop out into the center of the screen when played.

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