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How do I find projects that I'm interested in?
How do I find projects that I'm interested in?
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Slated lists projects that are in any stage of development or production that are seeking financing, talent, sales, or distribution, including everything from small budget documentaries to high-budget narratives with notable cast attached.

Use the Interests tab on your member profile page to set the types of projects you might be interested in getting involved in. This will allow us to automatically match you to relevant project Opportunities. You can get daily or weekly email alerts of matches, or see them on your dashboard (be sure you are logged in) or in your Interest Matches list anytime.

Another way to continually discover new projects is to track notable people on Slated. That way, every time you go to your Slated dashboard or get your digest email, you’ll see what projects they’ve started tracking or have been attached to.

Trending projects are based on the number of intros a project receives over a given period of time, so it’s a good measure of what the community is interested in at any given time.

Also, if you are looking for projects that meet a specific criteria, our advanced filters section allows you to search for projects by genre, keyword, language, stage, attachments, budget, and score criteria.

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