You can send updates by clicking on "send a personal update" or “send an update” on the top right hand corner of your personal profile or film profile.

For your film, you can send out updates to everyone tracking your film and your team. So the bigger your team, and the bigger their networks, the more people you will reach. You can also post your updates to all your social networks allowing for greater reach.

Please Note: Updates, once Sent, are Sent. They can't be unsent, and they will appear as a part of the project's history.

To see how large your "Reach" is on your film, hover your mouse over the reach box and you will see the total members, investors, and capital you can reach through those tracking you or your team. To send an update through your team...

1. Click SEND AN UPDATE on your personal or film profile page.

2. Select the people you wish to update. The default setting is to send a message to everyone tracking your team. Narrow the focus to send a message to only those tracking your film, or even only to your team members. If you've recently sent an update, and you'd like to send the same update again to anyone who didn't get it the first time, select "New Trackers Only", and only the people who started tracking you since your last update will receive the message.

3. Type in the message you want to send everyone. We recommend keeping
it short and to the point. Try to think of the most valuable pieces of information that your network might care to read about.

4. To maximize the buzz on your film, you might want to send your update to all your social networks. This can be done with just a few extra check boxes.
If you haven't done so already, first connect your social networks, then select the ones you want to include in your update.

5. Click "Send" and you're done!

And also...

Below your update window you can keep track of all the updates that you've sent out. Including how many recipients received an update from you. We recommend not sending more than one important piece of news per week to all your trackers.

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