How do I list a new project on Slated?
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To list a new project on Slated, select the "List New Project" button at the top of your Slated Dashboard (be sure you are signed in), or from the menu that appears when you click on your photo in the upper right corner of every page.

The person who creates the project profile should be the rights holder, or the designated representative of the rights holder, for that project. Usually this is the producer, director, or writer, or one of their assistants operating on their behalf.

You will automatically be the owner of the project you list, and you will be responsible for managing any additional admins you add, keeping the project profile up to date, and handling any messages sent to the project. You will be able to adjust the visibility of the project and control who can send messages within the project settings.

If you simply want to add an existing project that you worked on in the past, you can do that on your member profile page Work History tab.

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