What do I need to list my project on Slated?

Required fields to list a project.

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To list your project you will need:

  • A title. Only unreleased projects may be listed on Slated.

  • A poster or image to represent your project. For example, a movie poster, production still, or art direction mockup (see required image dimensions here).

  • A logline. 1-2 sentence summary that states the central conflict of the story and offers a "hook."

  • The stage your project is in (development, packaging, pre-production, production, post-production, etc). Stage is used to match films to investors and other Slated members who often search/filter film projects of interest by stage.

  • At least one genre and one “topic” keyword. These will be used to match your project to investors and other Slated members who are interested in your specified topics and genres.

  • Language. Language of your script and what your project will be shot in.

  • Production Locations. Countries/cities where your project will be shot.

Keep in mind that project profile pages are set to "Hidden" by default and all fields can be edited prior to making your project visible, and even after that.

After you've listed your project, be sure to check out our Top 10 Tips for Filmmakers.

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