Why should I list my project on Slated?
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As you probably know by now, Slated’s mission is to connect you, the professional filmmaker, to projects, talent, financing, and sales. If you haven’t yet set up profiles for any of the projects you’re developing, we thought we'd encourage you to do so by pointing out the three main reasons our members list hundreds of new projects on the site every month.

Find Talent. Want to work with the best in the business? Slated is the place to connect with your colleagues. Use your existing network to start new relationships and help drive your projects forward. The higher your project’s Team Score, the more exposure you’ll get to investors, sales agents, and distributors.

Find Financing. Any project can access investors through Slated’s network, and projects with Script Scores of 75+ may qualify for our Executive Producer Services. See some of our Successes

Find Sales & Distribution. Slated’s community includes over 2,000 sales agents and distribution executives from all over the world, each of whom is seeking projects with great teams, great material, and great financial prospects, just like you. The higher your Project Score, the more likely your project is to be discovered by the right buyers.

Odds are at least one of the above applies to you. What are you waiting for? List your first project on Slated today. We’re here if you need any help during the process.

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