Slated Analytics' financial projection model generally shows that projects with higher Script or Screening Scores earn more. This finding is based on box office data from hundreds of theatrically released films that received both Script Analysis and Financial Analysis. That data showed that films with Script Scores between 70-74 commanded notably higher earnings than films with Script Scores between 64 and 69; and films with Script Scores between 75 and 79 did better at the box office than those with Script Scores between 70 and 74.

One reason for this may be the effectiveness of reader opinions as a litmus test for audience opinion in theaters. At a Script Score of 70, usually two story analysts are issuing Considers to your project. This tends to be a tipping point that bodes well for a project's financial and critical success as seen in the data.

At a Script Score of 80, at least two story analysts are Recommending the project. This, clearly, is another tipping point that indicates that the story is having a largely positive impact on its audience. For this reason, higher Script Scores generally mean higher earnings, and our financial projection model mirrors that axiom in its predictions.

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