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Why use Slated Analytics' Financial Analysis Service?
Why use Slated Analytics' Financial Analysis Service?
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Show your project's true value

Every Financial Analysis bolsters your project by demonstrating your professionalism and market awareness. Third party, objective analysis serves as a confidence boost for your prospective financing and distribution partners, providing concrete reasons to join your project. And a prized few will stand out even more in industry eyes: The higher the ratio of your projected worldwide revenue to your production and marketing spend, the stronger the signal to Slated’s community of creative talent and financing professionals.

Know the likelihood of your movie being Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh

Following a recent study showing the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh, profitable and Oscar worthy, Slated’s data-science team built an estimator allowing all film industry participants to know the likelihood of a movie being Certified Fresh at the point of development.  The estimator leverages Script or Screening Score, Team Score, and other key data points to generate the estimate.

Data-driven projections of your project’s financial potential

Slated Analytics’ financial projections have been derived by analyzing - in minutest detail - the performance factors of more than 12,000 released films. By arming yourself with the most meaningful comparative data, you and your team will have the earliest intelligence on what to expect from the marketplace at every stage in your project’s development cycle, from packaging to financing to sales.

Optimize Your Project's Performance

Your project’s Financial Analysis report includes data-driven projections and sensitivity analyses for the key elements that impact revenue: Production and marketing budgets, release window and theater counts, and Team and Script or Screening Scores.


Your report is 100% confidential unless you choose to make it visible. When you’re ready to share it, you can select which investors and other industry professionals have permission to see it. (See Can I hide by Script, Screening, or Financial Scores?)

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