Yes, you can hide either or both.

You can manage who is able to see your Script Score in the Admin Center of your film page, where you can also choose whether or not you'd like to share the reader analysis that generated that score.

Choosing to hide your Script Score reverts your score to '-', which makes it appear to investors that your project may never have received Script Analysis.

It also removes your Script Score’s impact on your public Package Score. The same thing applies to the Financial Analysis: hiding it reverts the Financial Score to '-' and removes your former Financial Score’s impact on your public Package Score.

Please note: when you receive your Script and Financial Scores, they are invisible on the site by default. So if you like your scores and you’d like to display them proudly to investors, simply open your film's profile page and go to the Admin Center, where you can choose to make the coverage visible to all investors, or a select few.

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