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How is my activity made public on Slated?
How is my activity made public on Slated?
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Every time you take an action on Slated, such as:

  • Listing your project

  • Updating your project or member profile page

  • Tracking a person or project

  • Attaching yourself to a project

  • Introducing yourself to a project

  • Sending an update

... that activity will be made public.

Anyone who is tracking you will see this activity appear in their personal feed and in their digest email (if they are subscribed), and everyone on Slated will be able to see it in the public feed.

Updates cannot be deleted. Please use updates wisely, and remember that the community is business focused.

We do not share:

  • Your browsing history

  • People or projects that you untrack

  • Any information about messages sent between you and another person on Slated

However, you should also keep in mind that you control settings when it comes to your project profile pages' visibility. Should you wish for no one to see the project profile page, set the visibility to Admins only.

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