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How do I submit my script PDF or screener link?
How do I submit my script PDF or screener link?
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Slated's development team can review either a PDF of your script or a screener via a private link. In both cases, we'll have three members of our development team review the project and provide 10+ pages of confidential feedback, along with a 100-point Script or Screening Score.

When you are ready to have your project reviewed, you can submit your screenplay PDF or secure video link on your project page. Simply go to your project's Script/Screening tab, and select the orange "Get Analysis" button.

This will take you through the checkout process where you can submit either a PDF of your screenplay, or a private link to a rough or fine cut of your film.

Our team can review any English-language version of your script or screener even if the film will ultimately be in another language. Our team can also review non-English language screeners, as long as there are subtitles.

If submitting a screenplay, just make sure it is in PDF format. If submitting a filmed cut of your project, please make sure its a secure private video link: either password-protected, private, or unlisted.

Our development staff is under NDAs and confidentiality agreements for any material they review. Submissions watermarked with "Slated" are OK. 

Start analysis now. We look forward to watching your cut and reading your script!

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