What do company profiles mean for me?

As a Company, At this time, we are not accepting Company Profiles-- it was a feature that we beta tested, but are no longer accepting applicants for. We are now working to build out this feature with a plan to relaunch this during the upcoming year. 

As an Investor, track the organizations that consist of the tastemakers and gatekeepers to the most viable investment opportunities the industry has to offer. Once you track a Company, you will be alerted to films they're supporting or working on. This is designed to help you increase the signal ratio in all the noise.

As a Member, track the organizations that are aligning themselves with the best projects the film industry has to offer.

Once you track a Company, you will be alerted to any films they're supporting or new members that join as a result of being added to the profile. As with Slated's investor-members, all Company team members can reach out to filmmakers about their project.

As a Filmmaker, your opportunities for success on Slated are growing due to your film's increased visibility and exposure to Sales Agents, Talent Agents, Post-Production Houses and more. As with investors, all Company team members can also reach out to you about your project directly. Investors are also tracking these organizations and the projects they are supporting, so add your affiliations to the Company Affiliations section of your profile.

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