Your public activity will let your trackers know what you are up to on Slated, but the best way to keep your trackers up to date on what you’re up to and how your projects are going is by sending regular updates.

An update is a message that all of your trackers receive. As such, it is important not to disclose any private information in your updates, but rather to share things like major attachments, milestones reached and new opportunities you are making available.

To send an update, go to your profile page or your film page, and click on the orange “update” button in the top right corner.

You can write your message in the text box, and filter who will receive it down to only those people who have started tracking you since you sent your last update (if, for example, you’d like to send the same update again without anyone receiving it twice). Clicking on the “custom list” option let’s you filter who will receive the message by tag, and clicking the “edit recipients” link at the bottom of the form let’s you see every individual on Slated who will receive the update so you can filter it down even further. You can also expand your reach by simultaneously posting the update to your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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