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How does messaging on Slated work?
How does messaging on Slated work?
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All members on Slated have the ability to control who they and their projects receive messages from — reasonably, many members limit this to only those who either match their Interests/Opportunities, or that have met a specified score threshold (i.e. they will accept messages from members if they have Slated scores of 10+).

From an Interest/Opportunity Matches List, clicking the Send Interest button will send an introduction request. Once the recipient accepts this request, you'll find it has started a message thread in your inbox.

Messaging on Slated now features:

  • Real-time, mobile friendly chat, enabling rapid conversations on the go

  • Accept / ignore (or block) new intros

  • See if a message has been read

  • Delete sent message before it’s read (2 minute limit)

  • Improved search, filters, and context to find specific conversations and not lose track of which projects and opportunities you are messaging about

  • Reply to messages via email

When visiting any person or project profile, an orange and active 'Message' button means you are able to send a message.

If you see don't see an active orange 'Message' button, then you either do not meet their messaging requirements, or this person or project is not accepting messages at this time.

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