Slated Analytics’ evaluation team is comprised of seasoned readers, each of whom has evaluated hundreds of produced and un-produced scripts at agencies, management companies, development departments and in other professional environments prior to servicing Slated Analytics’ clients. Each reader is well versed in recent market material and goes through a thorough training process prior to being approved to review Slated members’ material (learn more).

Our reader roster comprises men and women from varied backgrounds, ethnicities, and age groups. Readers are assigned on a double-blind randomized basis, they don't know who the submitters of the projects are, and the submitters don't know who the readers are, in order to avoid any selection bias.

In order to keep our Script Analysis as objective as possible on revisions, we ensure that every new draft gets three pairs of fresh eyes who consider the same set of story questions considered by your first set of readers. This ensures the writer is never accountable to one person's opinion or a fixed set of opinions. It also ensures that our assessment remains driven by story mechanics and avoids as much bias as possible. After your 3rd draft, each new draft will be handled by the freshest sets of eyes available on staff.

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