Talent Matching

Slated’s matching system allows us to reach a pool of tens of thousands of industry professionals worldwide including casting directors and producers, who can help package projects from the ground up.

Investor Matching

While Slated’s self-service tools allow filmmakers to attract investors through the Slated platform, our deal alerts are designed to reach our community of investors on a more direct level. We tailor each deal alert to the needs of the project, and follow up with calls and emails to potential backers from our internal, curated lists of established financiers.

Financing & Syndication Service

We facilitate investor vetting and introductions.


Through our social media, newsletters, and media relationships, Slated lets everyone in the industry know about each project we successfully service, providing that extra boost in visibility that can make the difference in a buyers’ market.

Sales & Distribution Matching

Our EP Service team also helps projects seeking sales and distribution. As with our investor alerts, we tailor notifications in accordance with the needs of the project and share the notices with curated lists of sales agents and distributors. (Sales agency fees are not included in Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee.)

Collections Account Management

Every project Slated Advisors helps finance requires a CAM agreement. We work closely with a leading CAM provider to ensure they are able to collect revenues for your project. (CAM fees are not included in Slated’s Executive Producer Services fee.)

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