What other factors does Slated consider when deciding whether to Executive Produce a project?

Team Scores - There’s no minimum Team Score necessary to qualify, but your team’s track record definitely matters. Our investor, sales, and distributor community particularly looks for projects with name actors (scoring 70+), established producers (scoring 30+), and successful directors (scoring 30+).

Script or Screening Score - Your script or screener must score at least 75 to be considered as it significantly increases the likelihood of your project being "Certified Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes. Learn more about Analysis Services.

Financial Score - Your project should score at least 60, which usually signifies the break-even point, but preferably in the 90s, which gives investors a higher probability of seeing a positive return.

Budget - We need to know your budget has been prepared by a professional, and that it’s appropriate for the scope of your movie. Budgets that are too high or low given the team or genre are red flags for sophisticated investors.

Financing Momentum - While not required, nothing builds confidence more than showing traction with your existing investor network.

Good Deal Terms - Unusually favorable deal terms can help get investors on board, especially if some financing is already in place.

Marketability - Projects with clear target audiences and strong “hooks” (e.g. cast, concept, filmmakers, or all three) are the holy grail for investors and distributors alike.

Marketing Material - An enticing poster and compelling pitch video on your project profile are valuable tools no matter what stage your project is in.

Filmmaker Engagement - The best person to pitch your project is always you, so we look for filmmakers who see working with Slated as a long term partnership.

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