The team at Slated delivers the most compelling projects right in your dashboard and to the inbox of investors and industry professionals whose interests match the projects. All members need to do is get specific about what they are looking for.

Investors and industry professionals, get specific by visiting your member profile page, clicking on the Interests tab and clicking the edit icon next to each profession. You'll see a section to refine the criteria associated with each profession. You can be as specific as you want and can refer to the potential matches counter at the top of the box to see how many projects match your specific criteria. 

Filmmakers, get specific by clicking the Opportunities tab on your project profile page(s). You'll be able to create opportunities for:

  • Cast and crew to fill key roles
  • Companies such as sales agents or post-production services
  • Types of investors (equity, gap, tax credits, pre-sales etc.)
  • and more...

Again, you can be as specific as you want with the criteria.

You can also choose to receive an email when we have found new matches for your interests or opportunities. Just select how often you would like to receive new matches at the top of your Interests or Opportunities tabs, or within your member settings Email Communication tab. 

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