After you've been approved with "investor status", you should follow these 5 tips:

1. Track films you like

If you are an investor, you can always 'Get An Intro' to a filmmaker through their film profile. That is your privilege. However, if you track a film you're interested in, the filmmaker can get in touch with you too.

By tracking a film, you will also be alerted to any updates filmmakers make directly to your activity feed and digest email, e.g. if they secure a high-profile actor or add financing to their project.

2. Click 'Message Filmmakers'

If you're visiting a film profile page that you like, clicking 'Message Filmmakers' is the first step in investing in a film and starting a dialogue with the filmmaker.

All filmmakers are at a stage where they are ready to talk to investors. They will have more material to send you... simply reach out to them and start the dialogue.

3. Ensure your investment range and 'I'm Interested In' criteria is accurate

At Slated, we don't want to send you anything you won't be interested in, so we only alert you to deals that match your criteria. The more accurate your profile is, the smarter we can be at finding you the right deals.

4. List films you invested in or been involved with

Top-quality filmmakers are attracted to experienced film investors.

We know that the better the filmmaker, the more likely they are to work with you on a film if you have invested in, or been involved with, the industry before... So list some of the films you've helped produce or finance.

If you are new to the film industry, be open and honest when you reach out to a filmmaker. Tell them about your interest in the film, it's subject matter, or the team behind it. Build a rapport as you may soon be working with some of the smartest filmmakers and talented story-tellers the film industry has to offer.

5. Check back in regularly

We are adding the highest quality independent films every week, and new members including award-winning filmmakers, sales agents and distributors are signing up every day. We are also constantly launching more features to help you find projects you like, quickly and easily. So keep checking in.

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