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How do I import my contacts?
How do I import my contacts?
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Slated's value to you increases exponentially as you increase the number of people you're connected to on the site. The more people and projects you track, the more opportunities you'll receive, the more money you'll be able to raise for your own projects, and the likelier you are to be successful.

To import your contacts, first visit the "See Who's In" page. Here you can connect your address books and social accounts. Once connected you can instantly see and track who you already know on Slated and invite those who are not currently members.

To make things easier for you we auto-track all the people you already know and they'll be notified once you leave the "See Who's In" page. See someone you don't want to track? You can click to untrack them at anytime.

As your colleagues join Slated, you’ll be notified automatically.

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