If you're looking to take a break from Slated, you can easily disable your profile by going to your settings page...

...clicking on "Account Info"...

...and clicking on the "Disable" button in the middle of the page. Your profile will no longer be visible to Slated thereafter. If you do change your mind, you can still log back into Slated at any point, and enable your account again.

Once disabled:

  • your profile won't be visible
  • you won't be found in searches
  • members won't be able to message you
  • links to your profile on films/companies you are attached to will be deactivated
  • you won't receive any emails from Slated
  • you may receive emails that require your role verification. These are sent VIA Slated, not BY Slated.
  • you can re-enable your account to its former state by simply signing back in using your current login details

Please note, we do not offer a full "delete" option as much of the information listed on Slated, such as attachments on released movies, are regarded as facts and are part of the public domain. i.e. it's a fact that Harrison Ford was Han Solo in Star Wars. He cannot delete this fact out of existence.

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